Nov 4th to Nov 10th Shows and Highlights

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The 8th annual Radio Spirits sponsored cruise is booking cabins. We sail north from Galveston Texas on June 28th, 2020 with stops in Jamaica, Cozumel and The Cayman Islands. While at sea we talk classic radio and perform radio plays live on stage, sound effects and all. To learn more and find out how to join me call 800-269-2127 or pay a visit to the following:   

On to the weekly highlights:

We also has some great birthday tributes led by the 105th birthday of “the still with us” radio, film and TV actor Norman Lloyd! He’ll be heard in Suspense’s “My Own Murderer”.

We have centennial celebrations for Shirley Mitchell (CBS Radio Workshop, Let George Do It, Leila on The Great Gildersleeve, Alice on Fibber McGee & Molly) and announcer George Fenneman (Dragnet, Abbott & Costello, Martin & Lewis).

We also mark the birthdays of Art Carney (The Big Story, Escape, Gangbusters); producer/director Norman Macdonnell (Gunsmoke, Fort Laramie, Honest Harold, Philip Marlowe); Roy Rogers and Dale Evans; Joel McCrea (Tales Of The Texas Rangers);  multiple Oscar nominee Claude Rains (Suspense); June Havoc (Suspense’s “The Black Angel”); Frank Readick (Murder At Midnight, The Mysterious Traveler); and producer/director and writer Robert A. Arthur (The Mysterious Traveler, The Sealed Book, The Strange Dr. Weird.)

And we celebrate the 82nd anniversary of the debut of the radio series Dr. Christian starring Jean Hersholt.


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