Nov 25th to Dec 1st Shows and Highlights

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It’s Thanksgiving Week on the channel, and that’s not all!

We bring back our annual very popular Dragnet marathon Joe Friday – Black Friday. It runs this for 12 hours on Friday November 29th.

We have birthday specials for the following folks among others:

Richard Crenna (Our Miss Brooks, The Great Gildersleeve, A Date With Judy); Elliott Lewis (Phil Harris & Alice Faye, Voyage Of The Scarlet Queen, The Casebook of Gregory Hood, Suspense, The Whistler, and Crime Classics); Nero Wolfe creator, Rex Stout; Harry Bartell (Escape, Gunsmoke, Suspense, The Six Shooter); Ralph Bell (The Mysterious Traveler, CBS Radio Workshop); Ezra Stone (The Aldrich Family); Warren William (Strange Wills, Suspense); William Tracy (Dark Venture); Bob Readick (Suspense, Yours Truly Johnny Dollar); Donald Woods (The Whistler); mystery writer John Dickson Carr (Murder By Experts, Suspense); science fiction author Frederik Pohl (X-Minus One “Target One”); and Samuel Clemens aka Mark Twain’s (CBS Radio Workshop’s “Roughin’ It” and The Ford Theater’s “A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur’s Court”).

And we mark the 89th anniversary of the radio debut of The First Nighter Program plus present weekly The Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar Marathon “The Chesapeake Fraud Matter.”

As to the Thanksgiving themed programs, we once again have quite a variety both comedies and drama with offerings from The Family Theatre; The Jack Benny Program, The Harold Peary Show, The Aldrich Family, Let George Do It, Suspense, Father Knows Best, Let George Do It, Abbott & Costello, Phil Harris & Alice Faye, Our Miss Brooks, The Life Of Riley and more.

Have A Happy Thanksgiving All!


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