Dec 2nd to Dec 8th Shows and Highlights

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On to the weekly highlights:

Hope you all had a tremendous Thanksgiving and have emerged unscathed from the food comas and family overload!

It’s a very busy week folks! Led by some Day Of Infamy – Pearl Harbor Day specials. Norman Corwin’s landmark patriotic programs – We Hold These Truths and Screen Guild Theater’s production “Between Americans” which aired on December 7th, 1941 plus Lux Radio Theater’s “Air Force” and The March Of Time docudrama “The First Week At War”.

Heading up the birthday specials are two blocks for Agnes Moorehead (Suspense, Inner Sanctum Mysteries, Mayor Of The Town, Columbia Workshop).

We also celebrate Fay Bainter (Lux’s War Against Mrs. Hadley); Arch Oboler (Lights Out); Warren William (Strange Wills, Suspense); William Tracy (Dark Venture); Donald Woods (The Whistler); Producer/Director William Spier (Suspense, Sam Spade); writer Cornell Woolrich (Suspense); Ezra Stone (The Aldrich Family) and Whitfield Connor (Inheritance, Suspense).

Plus we mark some series anniversaries of The Mysterious Traveler (76th); The Colgate Sports Newsreel with Bill Stern (81st) as well as My Little Margie (67th).


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One thought on “Dec 2nd to Dec 8th Shows and Highlights”

  1. Hi, Greg – Love the channel, most especially Johnny Dollar and all of the other detective shows!
    My birthday is January 25, 1949. Would it be possible for you to provide me with a list of the shows that aired on that date? When I review the schedule each week, I never seem to see anything with that original air date.
    Keep up the great work.

    Dan Overbeck

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