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Aug 13th to Aug 19th Shows and Highlights

This is the inaugural Listener Appreciation Week! 

As I am sailing to Alaska on the 6th annual Radio Spirits sponsored sea cruise, the channel is in the hands of the listeners. Since April, we’ve been gathering comments from the RadioClassics phone line 833-R-Classics (833-725-2774), and an entire week has been created from those suggestions. So as I am doing live radio plays aboard a ship sailing through fjords and glaciers, many of you will be heard filling in as the host!

July 23rd to July 29th Shows and Highlights

Headlining yet another busy week is a two-hour special celebrating the 70th anniversary of My Favorite Husband. Starring Lucille Ball and Richard Denning, the radio comedy, which later evolved into television’s first mega-hit sitcom I Love Lucy, officially launched on July 23rd, 1948. We celebrate that debut anniversary with four in a row.