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Nov 12th to Nov 18th Shows and Highlights

We have some great birthday tributes for Dick Powell (Richard Diamond, Rogue’s Gallery); Veronica Lake (Lux’s So Proudly We Hail); film actor Richard Ney (Suspense’s “The Man Who Liked Dickens); author Robert Louis Stevenson (The Weird Circle, Escape); cartoon voice legend Daws Butler (The Stan Freberg Show, CBS Radio Workshop); George Petrie (Philo Vance Detective, Suspense); Don Quinn & Jim Jordan (writer & star of Fibber McGee & Molly); writer Sherwood Schwartz (Bob Hope Show, Alan Young Show – creator of Gilligan’s Island and The Brady Bunch) and director Helen Mack (Adventures of The Saint, Richard Diamond Private Detective).

Nov 5th to Nov 11th Shows and Highlights

Headlining this week folks multiple Veteran’s Day Specials scheduled throughout the week.

Before I detail that remember that this week begins with a “fall back” as in turning back your clocks one hour for Daylight Saving Time. You won’t see it on the schedule but there is a special new to the channel commercial free hour long treat airing at 2am ET early Sunday The 5th.

Oct 22nd to Oct 28th Shows and Highlights

Well folks Halloween is a Tuesday this year, so our annual 7 days of Halloween shows will run a little differently. Instead of our usual Sunday through Saturday schedule, this week opens like a regular week but will be split as the Halloween shows begin in Wednesday the 25th and play through Tuesday night the 31st. After that we return to the replays from the regular week which began on Sunday the 22nd.