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Feb 4th to Feb 10th Shows and Highlights

Some series debut anniversaries this week as we celebrate the quality Frank Lovejoy series Night Beat’s 69th with a First and Finale special. Plus we have a double special celebrating 69th anniversary of the debut of Dangerous Assignment and also mark the birthday of lead actor, Brian Donlevy.

Jan 21st to Jan 27th Shows and Highlights

The birthday tributes include ones for movie stars Randolph Scott and Ann Sothern as well as specials for writer Gwen Bagni (Night Beat, Escape, Suspense); Wyllis Cooper (creator of Lights Out, Quiet Please); Portland Hoffa (Fred Allen’s wife and co-star); J. Carrol Naish (Life With Luigi, Suspense) and Florence Halop (Miss Duffy on Duffy’s Tavern).

Jan 14th to Jan 20th Shows and Highlights

Headlining this week our annual Poe Man’s Radio Special (the 17th!) as we celebrate the 210th birthday of legendary 19th century poet and short story writer, Edgar Allan Poe. This year we’ll have radio productions of his following works: The Tell-Tale Heart, Murders In The Rue Morgue, The Purloined Letter, Metzengerstein, Mystery Of Marie Roget and The Narrative Of Arthur Gordon Pym.