April 11th to April 17th Radio Classics Channel Shows

A Man Of Steel Marathon headlines this week! It’s a two-hour special following the August 1946 storyline “Candy Meyer’s Big Story.” we are playing it to mark the birthday of radio’s Lois Lane, Joan Alexander (born April 16th 1915 – died May 21st 2009).

Also this week a new to the channel Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar Marathon and a couple of specials marking the 75th anniversary of the debut of Fibber McGee & Molly.

Other birthday tributes; Hans Conried, composer Ivan Ditmars, Les Tremayne, John Hodiak and Sir John Gielgud.

I was hoping folks were comfortable with finding the schedule page on their own – or through the email alert – but I guess some also still need it here each week. So here you go! (Please start using the schedule page though)

RC April 11th, 2010 – April 17th, 2010 – PDF Version

RC April 11th, 2010 – April 17th, 2010 – Excel Version

33 thoughts on “April 11th to April 17th Radio Classics Channel Shows”

  1. Greg-
    You mentioned an actress this week who also worked on the Perry Mason radio show. Really? That’s fascinating. Any chance you can find some of these PM’s and play them?

    1. If I had them, I would play them in a heartbeat. But I have not been supplied any Perry Mason radio episodes at this point in time.


    2. Thanks. What a find that would be.

      Also any chance you can find some old soap opera segments? Backstage Wife, Stella Dallas or One Man’s Family would be great.

      1. I had once asked about radio soaps, too, but I believe Greg said they may not work because of the way the schedule is arranged. I do wish he’d give it a try, however, because there is a veritable treasure trove of soaps — good ones, too, not just “women’s weepies” such as “Young Widder Brown.”

      2. That’s a new one on me. “Our Gal Sunday” also comes to mind.

        There was a show called “My True Story” that was an hour long soap-like drama, not a serial, that played every day I think–so there must be a lot of them.

  2. We need the new Greg Bell, OTR,gregbellmedia.com shirts, hats, and other stuff….

  3. Great Johnny Dollar half-hour episode (“The Fatal Filet Matter.”) – very imaginative albeit painful way to die, I must say. Did y’all see the new offering by Radio Spirits? It’s “The Many Voices of Johnny Dollar,” featuring the different men who have played this marvelous character. I don’t know about you all but I prefer Bob Bailey as JD. What thinks you?
    Greg, you are right about Elliott Lewis. I didn’t fully appreciate him until you started talking about him. I LOVE “Crime Classics” and I loved him as Frankie Remley in “Phil Harris and Alice Faye Program.” So you can play him as much as you like. This “Casebook of Gregory Hood” is good, by the way (well, the organ music is a bit dated … I feel like I’m in a roller rink).

  4. Hi, again, Greg — Meant to tell you — this week’s schedule is GREAT. Reaelly enjoyed “Gunsmoke” (“Shakespeare) and the new “Johnny Dollar” plus “The Whistler” that aired at 2 PM today (Mon., 4/12/10). I’ve heard it before but it still was excellent.
    Only 5 months till … EARTH ABIDES! Somewhere in that hellhole that is my bedroom is my printed copy of EA that I bought when I worked at Barnes & Noble. I should NEVER be careless with books but I am (I’ll confess that the next time I go). I think it’s GREAT you’re going to air EA when you air more of your Peggy Webber interview, when she says things about John Dehner the Magnificent.

    1. Ah….Now I know who MissGBMoo is…the new name threw me when we came over to the new site….I won’t blow your cover. Working at B&N and EA finally got this brain working….

    2. I also figured who that masked woman is! I was wondering what happened to the familiar postings we saw so often. She’s been
      re-branded! MISSGBMOO is really…….

      1. Ssssshhhhhh!!!! This is like the 39 Steps…next thing you know we will get hit over the head with a gun butt…..

      2. MISSGBMOO is really … there’s no end so I may fill in the blank. On 2nd thought, I’ll leave it as is. After all, … “I Love a Mystery.”
        Seriously, folks – I never meant to hide or change my identity; that was done when Greg went from gregbellblog to gregbellmedia. I like his new site very much. I had to get used to it but I caught on quickly enough. By the way, the picture is NOT of me — that’s my girl, my beloved greyhound, Miss Daisy Mae-Rose. She absolutely has my heart.

      3. MISSGBMOO, Glad to know you are here.

        BTW, an oldtime telegrapher or morse key operator could be identified by his “fist”, the unique touch on the key that could be identified by others familiar with who was sending and receiving. To make a long tale short (as the monkey said when he got his tail caught in the lawn mower) I recognized MISSGBMOO’s fist.

      4. If we keep it up we may have to watch out for that fist if Greg ever has an OTR picnic……

  5. The Photos you post and audio notes you give with the shows really give these old shows a whole new dimension. Thanks for all your hard work, Greg.

  6. Please add my vote to those who much, much prefer drama and crime shows to the comedy ones–I refer especially to the comedian driven ones. It’s not just comedy vs. drama as a genre–it’s that the nature of a joke or one-liner is to become exhausted the second time around. A joke with a known punch line is like a flat tire. And then–when this repeats all week—wow. Old time radio was never like this for real. I bet Benny himself would object to having a format that stole the wind from his set-ups!

    Dramas, on the other hand, are so well produced and voiced, that even with second and third hearings–there’s always something new and subtle to marvel at.

    1. Looks like you and I agree thoroughly RE: comedy vs. drama. I think there are some comedians who go above their time — Jack Benny, Burns & Allen, Bob Hope and Our Miss Brooks (Eve Arden) are the ones who I think are timeless.
      Don’ t get me wrong – I love to laugh. I’m 56 years old and I still laugh hysterically at “I Love Lucy.” I mean, I KNOW what’s going to happen — I even know what she or whomever is going to say but I still howl with laughter. Lucy is especially funny when you realize she was 360 degrees different than her character, Lucy Ricardo. Also, I feel she was funny only in I.L.L.; her other shows just weren’t as funny.
      As for radio – Yes, I listen to other comedy. I appreciate Greg’s research about Marian Jordan (The Molly half of “Fibber McGee & Molly”) and that it’s 75 years since their show began. But I’m not about to listen to 2 hours of that show. I’d start drinking … again ( 😉 ). Same with Abbott & Costello, Baby Snooks or the Bickersons. I’ll turn the radio OFF before I listen to that. But that’s just me. I know many people like those shows and I’m happy Greg has the shows for that audience. That’s the beauty of the US of A — we can listen to whatever we want.
      Now give me “Suspense,” “The Whistler,” “Gunsmoke” or “Lux Radio Theater” and I’m in 7th Heaven. I’ve heard many of the episodes several times but I love hearing them again ON THE RADIO. (I have many shows on tape but it’s not the same as hearing them on the air).
      Please add more comments – I enjoy what you have to say. – Rosemary 🙂

      1. OTR would not be the same if it was only Dramas. If it was only dramas there would be people who would say, “Hey how about some comedies”. Greg does a great jobe mixing the shows up. If there is a show I don’t like (and there are a few) I change the channel and come back when its over. Lets face it people Greg is not going to PLEASE EVERYONE, although he tries dam hard.

    1. Were you in the Navy? Maybe on the wrestling team at the U.S. Naval Academy? I’m playing Sherlock Holmes and trying to figure out where “navywrsler” comes from.
      I’m glad Superman is back, too. Did you like the old 1950s TV series? I loved that show. I nearly didn’t watch the 1978 version (the movie) because I figured I was being disloyal to George Reeves! That’s pretty sad, I know… I’m amazed at how much Bud Collyer looks like the young George Reeves. Even the smile is vey similar.

  7. Which Superman is going to be played?

    Not the Atomic Man one…..PLEASE!

    It would really help to know what the Episode Titles are to all the shows on the schedule.


    1. Atom Man is like 40 installments. Cramming that into a two-hour special would quite a feat! 🙂 It’s Candy Meyer’s Big Story from August 1946. There is no room on the printable schedule for episode titles, but they are always available on the interactive schedule located at
      http://www.xmradio.com/radioclassics (the link is also on the front page of my website)
      Just click on the series title and you’ll get the episode title and
      broadcast date.


      1. Hi, Greg! Speaking of Candy — do you have and could you get Candy Madson? I’m just curious as to what that show sounds like. I got my new Radio Spirits catalogue and she’s featured as an offering.
        Female detectives? Quite an interesting concept, especially in the 1930s, 40s and 50s, when women were still called “Sweetheart” and patted on the behind without filing multimillion $$$ lawsuits.

  8. I also didn’t see the schedule links for April 11 to April 17. I want the schedule for April 11 to April 17.

    Katherine J. K.

  9. Good…another YTJD and a new one too!

    I don’t see the schedule links….maybe my laptop is messing up again….

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