April 18th to April 24th Radio Classics Channel Shows

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This week features the 82 Birthday of Shirley Temple; a tribute to Green Hornet star Al Hodge, Two “Not Of This Earth” Day episodes of X Minus One; Vincent Price and Ida Lupino in Suspense’s Fugue In C-Minor; Multiple episodes of Gunsmoke, Dragnet, The Whistler, The Chase, Abbott & Costello, The Life of Riley…

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  1. WJMONY, took your advice and finally got my hand on the book, looking forward to the read

  2. I could take it NO MORE!!! I’m not in the car enough each week (12 hours not enough?) to hear all of my favorites so I broke down and bought the new XMp3i mobile XM radio and MP3 player. Supposedly I can record up to 5 channels at the same time and record 100 hours worth of shows.

    Now I can have ALL GREG, ALL THE TIME! and Matt Dillion, Diamond, Friday, Marlowe, Spade, Carter, X-1, Dimension X, Hoppy and on and on….

    Thanks to those who reviewed the previous version of the unit….The XM site doesn’t have them yet but I got a good web deal. I’ll post it or send it to Greg if anyone is interested in the radio.

    1. Apologies to Greg if he does not want links…

      I bought it myradiostore.com

      Look for portable XM radios and MP3 players on the left side of the screen.

      I paid for UPS shipping and it shipped out in 4 hours…..

  3. Greg,
    I remember when I was growing up and talking to my father about the golden age of radio he always talked to me about “Jack Armstrong All American Boy”. Have any of the Jack Armstrong episodes been preserved?

    John Sz

  4. Count me as one who enjoys the Vic and Sadie episodes. The careful way the writers and actors build their gentle characters, reading letters or newspaper articles to each other is timeless, like Rockwell paintings–and he’s experiencing a revival!

    1. Vic and Sade is a terrific program. As laneh says, the progressive building of the characters is unlike any other program. Compare the limp and sarcastic humor of the Jack Benny show this week from 4/23/39 to the exisiting V&S shows from the same week (found elsewhere on line). Jack Benny eventually became an excellent show, after 1945 or so. V&S was good right out of the box, from day one. Decoration Day Parade from 5/28/37 is a near perfect V&S show, lacking only Uncle Fletcher.

      Get 2 or 3 friends together and read the scripts…they are funny and
      intelligent. Will you not laugh at: “Scurry to the plashing fountain, maidens. Dabble your pale feet in the crystal water an’ weave garlands of roses. The heroes have returned from the fray an’ will shortly squat before the camp-fire to pow-wow an’ parley.” If only real lodge ritual was so well written (and I know something about lodge ritual.)

      Rather than 300 shows, I wish the complete 3400 shows were still available. The radio crime of the 20th century was the destruction of the V&S discs. Yes, I am serious about V&S.

      1. Don-
        What a plushy quote. Yeah–they are americana poetry. And the voices are pitch perfect. It’s inspired. And they pulled it off 3,400 times? Amazing. I wonder if the scripts exist anywhere.

        I’m still struggling with Benny and company and spinoffs. Even post 1945. The endless schtick about age, stinginess or Rochester “getting away with something” etc., and the loud, flat voices are incredibly boring (to me). I’ve tried, but I’ll never get the knack.

      2. Don-
        Google–of course! I was thrilled to find an entire website devoted to this program. http://www.vicandsade.net. With photos and those several hundred surviving episodes free for download. And then, treasure of treasures, there’s a short audio piece of Gene Shepherd riffing on Vic and Sade as a “fictional documentary”–he makes some brilliant points about them. This is available on that same site under “Interviews”–about 9 minutes long. Sheppard really holds up too.

        Here’s a quote from Wikipedia I thought was interesting: “Once voted the best radio serial in a poll of 600 radio editors, Vic and Sade also received praise from many well-known listeners, including Ray Bradbury, Norman Corwin, Stan Freberg, Ogden Nash, John O’Hara, Franklin Roosevelt, and James Thurber…..The show received a letter from a judge who always called a recess each afternoon so that he could listen to Vic and Sade. Nash and O’Hara both compared Rhymer (the show’s writer) to Mark Twain, while others made a comparison with Charles Dickens, but Rhymer defies comparison since his work is unlike anything before or since.”

  5. I like the way you handled the lovers and the haters of “Vic and Sade.” I’m listening to it now and trying to do so with an open mind. I guess I’m what you call a hater — I know I have a sense of humor but I just don’t get this one. I like Lum ‘n’ Abner but V&S and The Bickersons leave me absolutelycold. But, as you said so wisely, Greg – there is no right or wrong in this issue; it’s just a matter of preferences. Oh and thank you for airing the debut episode of “Our Miss Brooks.” I liked it a lot but I do prefer Gale Gordon as Mr. Conklin and I prefer Jeff Chandler (or was it Hunter? I always confuse those 2) as Mr. Boynton. I’m sure the other gentleman is good, too, but I have a picture in my mind of Mr. Boynton and Jeff has just the right face and voice for the part. The poem about the red hair and body turning out to be a mouse was very, very funny!

  6. I love this channel! Listen to it constantly!!! Any chance you can play any historic radio broadcasts (i.e. Edward R. Murrow during the blitz, etc.)

  7. Say, how can I find out the ending of an episode of “The Chase”? I had to leave my car (where my XM radio is) while running an errand, and I missed the end! I think it was called The Fortune Hunter (with David Godarth).

    I’m guessing I missed the last 8 minutes or so. Too bad, because I got the impression that maybe things were about to really heat up.

    I surfed the Web, because you can often find episode information, but I came up with little about this episode. And the re-airings of the episode are not at times I’ll be able to listen (again, radio in car).

    If someone could recap the last few minutes for me, or let me know where I can find that info, I would be very appreciative. My hotmail address is las_inbox. Thanks.

  8. Thank you, Greg, for playing Suspense’s “A Thing of Beauty.” Besides always loving John Keats, I particularly liked this production. The lead actress (whose name escapes me) sounded so much like Deborah Kerr!
    Right now (1:30 PM-ish), I’m listening to a new to the channel episode of “The Chase.” Very good, especially since another one of my favorites — Ralph Bell — is in it. Thanks for the info on Ralph — I heard a lot of him on “CBS Radio Mystery Theatre.” One of his best “CBSRMT” involved him as a playboy who marries a woman for her mother. His stepdaughter, a aphotographer, uses her camera to catch him killing her. Forgot the title but it really was a great episode. (Any luck yet on getting Himan Brown to allow you to air his show?)

    1. I meant Ralph Bell’s character marries a woman for her money, not her mother! I should check my typing…or type with my eyes open! 🙂

  9. I caught the Ida Lupino Suspense story yesterday for the second time. It was very good, good throughout the last seconds of the story where it really gives you the goosebumps. I hope all you “Suspense Fans” get to catch this one.

    1. Hi, Lana! I’m so glad you heard “Fugue in C-Minor.” As I said, it’s one of my all-time favorite episodes of “Suspense.” It’s a great story and the performances, particularly by Vincent Price, are marvelous. Vincent Price, who, in real life was a fine, cultured, good man, sounded so creepy. And those poor chidlren. They gave me the creeps, too. As I also said, no matter how many times I’ve heard this – and I have it on tape AND CD, I’m always delighted to hear it again.
      Another 2 shows you need to hear: 1 from “Escape” and, I believe, “Dimension X,”: “Zero Hour” by Ray Bradbury. Also, “Meteor Man.” Oh, wow, the 1st time I heard “Meteor Man,” it was the middle of the night. I heard the whole thing and by the end, I couldn’t get back to sleep — my eyes were out on stalks, I swear, I was so cared. And I was (and presumably I still am) an adult!

  10. Hey, Gang! if you haven’t heard it, make sure to listen to “Fugue in C-Minor” this week. It’s got Vincent Price and Ida Lupino and it is absolutely spine-tinglingly wonderful. It’s another one that, no matter how often I hear it, it sends shivers up and down my back. I LOVE this one – it’s a Louise Fletcher special, I believe.
    Greg – I was wondering – do you have any more Jack Benny episodes featuring Carmichael the Polar Bear? I really love that character. I have a plastic Coca-Cola polar bear water drinker (no, not a sippy cup!) and I named it Orson Carmichael. I know, I know – someday I’ll grow up – but today is not that day. Anyway, I really would like to hear more JB with Carmichael. It’s so silly but I really enjoy that.

  11. Glad to see multiple episodes of The Whistler. I love suspense. My next favorite is Richard Diamond which I have not seen on the schedule for a while. I hope he will appear next week. Were there many episodes of Richard Diamond?

    1. I hate to be the one to tell you, Biker7, but there aren’t a whole lot of XM1 or DX. I checked with http://www.radiogoldindex.com and I saw this was the case. However, I’d love it if Greg would have more of anything Ray Bradbury (who will be 90 Aug. 22) wrote and any other sci-fi shows besides the ones mentioned. DX and XM1 are my 2 favorites but there are others as well. Episodes of Escape deal with sci-fi. Have you heard “Zero Hour”? No matter how many times I hear it, it still scares me silly. I also love and greatly look forward to “Earth Abides,” which usually airs in July or August. This year, Greg may air it a wee bit later. He has more of his interview with Peggy Webber and in that, she talks about EA star John Dehner (who is one of my 3 favorite male radio stars – William Conrad and ORSON are my other 2 favorite male actors).

      1. Thanks Missgbmoo for the info on the sci-fi. My favourite one is the X-minus one episode; “A Pail of Air”, kind of freaks me out. I grew up watching the episodes of Outer Limits and Night Gallery on TV, scary stuff. I am going to check out your suggestion, Earth Abides, looks interesting

    1. One of my most cherished memories was in the early 1960s, our church had “Saturday Afternoon Movies” for the children of the parish. We’d see things like “Spin and Marty” of the ORIGINAL (and as far as I”m concerned, ONLY) “Mickey Mouse Club” and … Captain Video. The pastor (or priest) who sponsored this really was named Fr. Brown. I don’t know what happened to him but I sure enjoyed the Saturday Afternoon Movies.

  12. Captain Video!!!!!! Yeah baby!!!!

    Didn’t Howard Duff get caught up in Joe McCarthy’s 50s witch hunt?

    1. Timely as ever….Greg’s ansawer was on the air after a Sam Spade without Mr. Duff

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