May 2nd to May 8th 2010 Radio Classics Shows

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Wow, talk about a major week for radio birthdays! Here’s what’s happening;

Norman Corwin is 100 this week (born May 3rd, 1910) so we have two different two-hour specials which both contain major portions of my interview with Mr. Corwin held a few months ago in his Hollywood area home. Among the highlights; Corwin’s end of World War Two program On A Note Of Triumph; Between Americans hosted by Orson Welles and three new to the channel Corwin written Columbia Workshop episodes.

Speaking of Welles, he also was born this week (May 6th, 1915 – died Oct. 10th 1985) and we have three different specials to honor him. Highlights include multiple Shadow episodes, two from The Black Museum, two from The Third Man, and Welles appearances on Lux Radio Theatre, The Campbell Playhouse and The Jack Benny Program.

And we’re not done, also born the first week of May, Bing Crosby (born May 3rd, 1903 – died ! So RadioClassics has two different specials for him. Highlights include The Kraft Music Hall, Command Performance, Two 1950s Bing Crosby Show episodes and radio versions of his films Going My Way and Bells of St. Mary’s.


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  1. Once again another great week of programs. Have been listening for about six years now. I am blessed to be able to have a radio in the bulldozer at work and can listen all day long. Some co-workers wonder why I am smiling all the time. So nice to listen to something not polluted with profanity.

  2. EEEE GADS, GANG!!!!!! I’m XM/SIRIUS-LESS right now. Our receiver broke 2 days ago and I’m DYING. The one week of all weeks for that thing to die — the week of ORSON the GREAT’s birthday. I have the schedule and I’ll have to wait till next year. Fortunately, I have copies of and am familiar with “The Black Museum: The Mandolin String” so I’m not totally lost. And I heard Greg’s interview with Norman Corwin (GREAT STUFF, GREG!) so all is not lost. Poor Dear Old Dad has had to go far and wide (actually, to Best Buy and the Internet) to find a new receiver. I told him to stop ANYTHING and EVERYTHING he is doing and work on this. I’m WORKING now and, besides, I am severely technically challenged (though I can use the on-off switch and the station changer — not that it ever changes…). Besides, he pays the subscription bill … only now he has to ask MY permission to listen to HIS radio. I give him same when Greg has something on that I don’t care for such as Fibber McGee, The Bickersons or Baby Snooks. THEN he can listen.

  3. Wow, so many incredible specials this week and the return of the Saint as well. I almost missed it on the schedule. Can’t wait to catch it tomorrow. Thanks Greg for all the great shows and interviews.

  4. It’s a sad day for us Tigers baseball fans. Ernie Harwell, one of the icons of baseball and radio baseball broadcasts passed away after a battle with cancer.

    I believe Ernie had a connection to Old Time Radio. And why not he started in the 40’s broadcasting baseball and other sports and called golf with Bill Stern, who we all know from his Sports Reels. I even remember reading that Ernie filled in for Bill from time to time.

    I wrote about Ernie on my blog if anyone is interested

    1. Matt, A heartfelt tribute to Ernie…thanks. The loss to the Tigers is a loss to Baseball.

      Your Tigers handled the Angels roughly recently…


      1. Thank you Don.

        He will be missed in more than just Comerica Park but in the community where he made a difference every day.

        As for the Angels, well the Angels have usually handled the Tigers quite well over the years, so things may be just evening out a bit. And now the Tigers are getting thrashed by their tormentors, the Twins. Between the Tigers losing in the ninth tonight, the Red Wings losing in overtime and Ernie, it was not a fun day for Detroit sports.

    2. I’m sorry for your loss, though I admit I’m a Yanx fan and was not familiar with Mr. Harwell. May I suggest if you feel strongly enough about this – find out what kind of cancer he had and make a donation to that particular group in his memory. Or if you don’t know what kind of cancer claimed him, then make a contribution in his memory to the American Cancer Society. It’s a kind of “activism” that does some good and will make his family feel so glad to know there are people out there who care and who put their money where their mouth is.

  5. Hello Greg – I’ve been listening since sometime in ’02 when I got hooked in a rental car cruising Skyline Drive through the mountains. I virtually never leave the channel, which drove me to three subscriptions for home, car and portable receivers. Johnny Dollar was my very first close listen and I know you say it is a favorite with listeners – certainly is with me. I’ve done a little research on this, but have found no discussion so far anywhere. Do you, or does any other reader/listener, happen to know which episode netted the highest expense account total? Might it have been one in China?

    Thanks for the obvious dedication and expertise you bring to presenting these fantastic slices of our history!

    cheers, jam

    1. jam, you ask a great YTJD question! Not sure of the correct answer, but The Star of Capetown Matter 7/16-20/56 ran up a $1283.60 total, but he had to go to South Africa. There is a trip to Tahiti, but I can’t remember the title.

      Let the game begin!

      1. Thanks for the starting “bid” Don…I’m keeping a record for reference…

      2. Don – don’t know why I couldn’t “reply” directly to your post, but Paris looks like a very strong candidate for biggest expense @ $5878 – nice find

  6. WOW is right Greg. Great week of Radio. I am really looking forward to the Orsen Well blocks, but you can’t go wrong with Bing either. My boss got me a new car to Drve him, a BMW 750 LXi. It can get only Sirius. Thank god for the merge and I can still hear you and your great intro’s. I have become a Junkie on your station, and I can’t think what life would have been being stuck in traffic without you riding Shot-Gun LOL.

    Say, only 3 more moths until Christmas in July. Looking forward to that.

    Have a great week Greg, I know I will.


    1. Hi, Bill! I like Christmas in July, too. You might be surprised if you read the blogs from last year (if you can get them, that is) to find out how many people didn’t like CIJ. Greg compromised last year by having only some Christmas-themed programs. I think some people were being PC and didn’t like the idea of Christmas shows even during Christmas. Others just didn’t want to think about Christmas in the summertime. I got a kick out of it and some of radio’s best shows are Christmas oriented. Listen to “Dragnet”: “A Rifle for Christmas” and the other Christmas-themed Dragnet about the statue of the Baby Jesus that is taken from a church on Christmas Eve. It’s a great episode – both are but “A Rifle” is hard to hear. There’s even a “Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar” Christmas there plus a Gunsmoke episode and even “Six Shooter.” I tell you this because I think you are relatively new listener. If I sound condescending, please forgive me.

      Only 3 or 4 months till … EARTH ABIDES.

  7. Greg,

    I see you are doing audio books now…..I have to be careful not to miss stuff like this since my browser is pointed straight to the blog….

    I don’t know about the language and situations the audio books put you in but somehow it seems to be difficult to imagine you using ‘salty’ language….

    When are you going to write your own book on this journey? I’d love to hear how you got involved with XM and then XM/Sirius.

    1. Hi, Mike! If you read farther down in this blog OR in last week’s (4/25-5/1/10) blog, you’ll see I asked Greg the same question RE: writing a book about old-time radio and his adventures with it. He soundly ignored me – I suspect either out of modesty or because he thinks I’m a real lulu (he’s right on that count). But I think his life would make for a fascinating book. He’s a lot younger than I — I’m 56 and he was in his mid 40s on his last birthday. So he was born AFTER the Golden Days of Radio ended (9/30/62) yet he loves it and has become quite an expert on it. Now that you’ve asked him the same question as me (or is that I?), he may realize there is genuine interest in him and not just a request from a slightly loopy fan. Anyway, Happy Trails! R.

      1. Mike & Rosemary,

        I love you guys, and I would love to write a book, but quite frankly when am I gonna do it? I promise I will try, but with all the time it takes to keep this channel running, plus When Radio Was, plus getting involved in modern radio dramas, plus audiobooks (which, yes Mike, are very “salty” language wise, but Derek is wonderful writer and the lead character is a professional killer, so you got expect rough language) So hang in there, maybe I find a few free nano-seconds here and there and get to writing about my life and my love for these great shows. Plus it will finally get my father off my back, as he has been telling me to write a book for about 8 years now!


      2. Do it as an audio book for listeners….when you get those short shows where you have 10-12 minutes left in a block…..

      3. I’ll give you time if you want to hire a logistics/supply chain/industrial & systems engineer for the OTR XM164 staff……

  8. Hi, Gang! I promise this will be the last time I ask this question but … can anyone recommend a good receiver and antenna for my XM radio? Dad got one that is adequate but it still “goes out” or is cut into by local stations. I taped all 4 of “Our Miss Brooks” yesterday and I have “proof” of the interruptions. Not that I need it but it’s easier to explain if you can hear what I’m talking about. I called XM one day earlier this year (or late last year) when it was REALLY bad and the technician, who was in the CARIBBEAN – reset the satellite. It’s not as bad as it has been but it can get bad and it drives me absolutely crazy… Also, what do you suggest for a car set-up. If my new job works out and I make some real dough, I want to get a car set up. I can’t bear not hearing Greg and OTR all the time. I have my tapes and CDs but …
    Only 3 or 4 months till … EARTH ABIDES.

    1. Go with the XMp3i. It comes with the home kit and the car kit cost me 37 bucks from Amazon.

      I have had mine for a week now and love it. Look for it on the XM site under Radios/Portable….

      I should have done this long ago. I just pulled my SkiFi2 out of the car.

      1. Dad got an XM Onyx to replace the Roady that we burned out. It’s a nice little receiver but it has a couple of problems. You have to use (and, presumably, have) a radio that has the AUX feature because it doesn’t use FM as the transmission area. That’s actually a GOOD thing because now I won’t get the Haitian station. However, I’m still getting pauses. I think that’s because the connection plugs don’t fit quite right. Also, I have to leave the main radio on in order to “keep connected” and if the radio in my bedroom or office doesn’t have the AUX feature, then I can’t listen. I’m not sure I like that but Dad didn’t know. Does your setup operate on FM or AUX?

    2. I think the episode was called “They Who Sleep” from Jan 6th 1945

  9. Hi Greg,

    Can you please tell me the name of the Mysterious Traveller episode you played last week about someone’s soul being switched out. I only caught part of it in the middle of the night and it creeped me out so much, I turned it off and never managed to get back to it. I’m just itching to hear the whole thing now!

    Thanks for the great schedule last week, and this week. Can’t get enough of that funky zither music!

    1. Hi to the Lovely Margo Lane! Here’s a way to find out the episode of “Mysterious Traveler” you need. First, make sure you have the date it ORIGINALLY aired. Then go to That site has several ways to find program information – by date or by program. Once you have the date and go on this site, you should be able to find the name of the show. Then go to That company has CDs and even cassettes for sale. You can buy the CD or cassette fo the show you like – remember, Greg won’t air that episode again for a year. I know you were asking about what happened and I can’t tell you because I didn’t hear it. But what I’ve offered is a kind of roundabout way to help you find out what you’d like to know.
      About the zither music — I gently disagree. For some reason, I’ve never cared for it — and I think I’m the only one who doesn’t like it. Poor Orson — IF I get to Heaven and if he remembers the music, he may have me kicked down to the land below. What is HELL? Too much fire and NO RADIO!

      1. Michael was right, oh Miss Lovely Margo Lane — t he show’s title was “The Soul That Sleeps” and it was 1/6/1945. It was, in fact, the story of souls being switched, disappearing, etc. I didn’t hear that episode either but it sounds delicious. Almost like the Chicken Heart That Ate NY…or something like that.

    2. Replied in the wrong place

      I think the episode was called “They Who Sleep” from Jan 6th 1945

      1. I’ll reply to my own msg. – the title was “They Who Sleep,” not “The Soul That Sleeps.” I’m too old or I need glasses!

      2. I have an episode list off one website that lists it one way and then another that has it your way….

  10. Greg – Am I losing my mind or is there a reason for not mentioning Bob Hope who also was born May 3, 1903? Maybe I’m wrong – maybe his birthday is later. I just thought iw as May 3. If I am wrong, i’m sorry for bringing it up. I was saddened when I read in Jerry Nadler’s book (“Raised on Radio”) that, apparently, Bob Hope had more affairs than Tiger Woods (well, maybe not THAT many). Or let’s just say he had a girl in every port. I know he and Delores were married for more than 60 years — I wonder if she knew? It really doesn’t matter; Mr. Hope still makes me laugh. It’s just that his “saintly” image has been tarnished – he’s just more human than he had been in my eyes. I even heard that Jack Benny still l ran around for 6 months after he and Mary married. Then one day, he realized how stupid he was being and he stopped. Mary never forced him; she just had to wait until he grew up. And, of course, you know the story of George Burns’ “dalliance.” He felt so guilty he gave Gracie a fur coat. She said to a friend “I wish he’d cheat again – there’s some jewelry I’d love to have.” I don’t know if that’s true – or if he dallied only once – but it makes for a great story.

    1. Rosemary,

      Bob’s birthday is May 29th (yes in 1903) – I have extra incentive to always remember it because it is also my sister’s birthday (and JFK for that matter).

      Bing was born May 3rd, 1903, that’s where you get that date.


      1. Ooops – I goofed! I don’t know why I thought Bob was born on May 3. And how silly of me to think you’d forget BH!
        Mea Culpa, Greg. And I’ll repeat what I said – it’s a GREAT sked this week.
        I do recall May 29 is JFK’s birthday. I’m old enough to remember exactly what I was doing when he was assassinated. I was 10 and in the 4th grade. It was a Friday so I had catechism class. Our catechism was held in the school I attended even though it was a public school. Anyway, when we got out at 4:30, someone said Pres. Kennedy had been shot and I said “NO he hasn’t – that’s wrong.” Boy was I wrong on THAT one. I didn’t cry, though, until the funeral when they had the riderless horse with the boots on backwards (they did this for my Uncle Warren in 2007 and I cried, then, too. UW was a lt. col in the Marines and was entitled to a Marine Corps funeral. He and his wife are buried at Arlington, too, not too far from Jack, Jackie and Bobby).
        By the way, do you have Facebook and Twitter? Just curious.

  11. I can never get too much of Orson the Great so I’m really looking forward to 3 two-hour Orson presentations. I’ll bet he’s up in Heaven listening to the shows and will be thrilled to know how many people still love him even though it’ll be 25 years since he passed away.
    I also really enjoyed the Our Miss Brooks special, which comes to an end this weekend. I appreciate Eve Arden’s sardonic wit and deadpan delivery.
    Only 4 or 5 months till EARTH ABIDES! Even though I have it on tape and CD, I still love hearing it on the radio, especially with Greg’s commentary. I’m STILL cleaning The Room (should be called the Swamp – that room is a candidate for the Hoarders Hall of Fame…) and I know my book will turn up. But, gang, I’m WORKING now and it’s harder to listen (or clean). Thank GOD for the schedule. I print it out and save it faithfully. I KNOW where that is! 🙂

  12. Happy birthday to all those great radio stars.

    Hi Michael,

    I am impressed as to how much research you do i.e. finding out how many Dragnet episodes there were etc….

    Thanks for sharing your opinions on your new radio. It sounds like you are really enjoying it. When I got my Inno a few years ago, it came with everything I needed, except for a car charger (which I think it should have included). It can charge the battery (whether I play it or not) in the car which is ideal when I go on vacation so I don’t have to bring my home kit to charge the battery.

    Do you have a car charger for yours, and did it come with a carrying case where you can clip it to your belt?

    1. It came with the home kit. I just ordered the car kit…..

      I am not a walk/workout person with a radio so I don’t have a case nor did it come with one. Walmart has them if I want them. I only ordered the car kit because I have some very long business trips to take this summer plus vacation. Otherwise I am happy recording XM 164 overnight and playing it during my drives and my lunches…

      As for Dragnet. I stumbed onto stuff…..

      Greg has me beat hands down for links….

  13. Greg, I was listening yesterday, as I do whenever I’m on the road, and I heard a commercial for a 1050’s era government flier entitled “Miracle of America”. Of course the announcer insisted that every home should have one. I have searched for an archived copy and have been unable to find one on the internet. Any idea where I might be able to get hold of one? My son is just starting to study the Cold War in school and this would be a really neat thing to show him.

    Let me know


    PS Great Channel!

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