May 9th to May 15th Radio Classics Channel Shows

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First of all; if you haven’t caught it on the main website, I am very busy with other things that might interest you.

My First Audio Books

Recently, I had the distinct pleasure of narrating screenwriter Derek Haas’ first two novels, which are taut and suspenseful thrillers about a wily assassin who struggles with his conscience and his past.  They are told in first person and, yes, the lead character is a professional killer, so be forewarned the language is profane, the situations intense and very violent. Not what longtime listeners are used to hearing from me.

You can heard a sample of them at the following links;

The Silver Bear by Derek Haas

Columbus: A Silver Bear Thriller by Derek Haas

New Audio Dramas

Independent of my work on Radio Classics and When Radio Was, I have been working with some folks who love radio dramas to produce some brand new audio shows, To listen to an exclusive sneak preview of our demo for what we hope will be the first in a series of cutting-edge, new audio shows, click here.

Okay on Radio Classics we celebrate the life of 60 Minutes newsman, Mike Wallace (born May 9th, 1918) by listening to him as announcer and commercial pitchman on The Adventures of Sky King and Meet The Meeks.

Another birthday celebrant; Katharine Hepburn (May 12th 1907 – June 29th, 2003) and we’ll bring back Theatre Guild On The Air’s 1945 hour long version of her 1933 motion picture, “Little Women.”

We begin the week with a couple new to the channel Mother’s Day episodes; from Phil Harris & Alice Faye and Red Skelton.

We’ll also have a Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar Marathon, multiple Suspense episodes with Henry Fonda, Joseph Cotten, Gene Kelly, Ben Wright & Sarah Churchill and much more.


30 thoughts on “May 9th to May 15th Radio Classics Channel Shows”

  1. How do I find pictures Is there a place to type in a name in particular I am looking for early pics of Virginia Greg It’s hard to reconcile the VG of Dragnet with her as Helen on Richard Diamond

  2. Thanks Greg,

    Richard Diamond is on next week’s schedule (my favorite). What a nice birthday present for me.

  3. New Audio Dramas

    Greg, I just listened to the sample you had for the new radio dramas. I like the idea and the sample. I do get to listen to XM163 every once in a while and love the Jim French productions.

    I hope this is a sucessful endeavor….

    Again, I have to ask where you find the time… wife would execute me….

    1. I checked this site and and I didn’t see anything pertaining to XM Sirius radio. Any other suggestions? I’d appreciate (and do appreciate) any and all help.


    The only wierd rules from FCC that I know of are in the canadian version of the FCC. I thought you were on the east coast and only Margo Lane was in Canada.

    I would call XM and talk to a supervisor. I just got a nasty gram from XM tech support on another issue this morning. They do not seem to be able to do anything other than take your money….

    1. No rules about listening to it in your home in Canada. The only thing the CRTC (Canadian equiv. of FCC) requires is a large percentage of Canadian content and this restricts the number of actual channels we have on our Canadian XM. For instance, we don’t get 163. Bummer!

    2. Mike – I’m in NJ. Someone suggested bypassing the technicians and speaking to a supervisor RE: my problem and the FCC “ruling.” I never heard of anything so ridiculous. I’ll also check (google or bing) the FCC website. It’s silly to sell equipment you can’t use. Right now, Dad’s up to his ears in repairing the computer and he also hasn’t been feeling 100 percent so I’m not nagging him to fix this. I can listen in his office — this radio has the AUX button. None of my other radios have that so I can’t listen anywhere else. As you may know if you’ve read my past blogs, I listen to XM all night. I turn it on and drift off to sleep. I can’t do that now but I’ll be patient and offer it up (but when Lent comes around next year, I will NOT give XM 164 up. I’ve “served my time in Hell.”) Now I’m listening to a classical music station at night. It’s good – it’s fine and I love classical musci. But it’s not XM 164. I just hope Dad gets it fixed in time for when EARTH ABIDES is on – August or September. I don’t care how many times I hear this – I LOVE this story. I, like so many listeners, consider it one of my Top 10 favorites.

  5. Hi, Gang! The latest in my Sirius XM Saga is this: Dad bought an XM OnyX system. Tried plugging it in. Could not get it to work and Dad is very technical savvy. So I called XM today. What I heard made blood shoot out of my eyes I got so mad. The technician said the FCC has made it impermissable (I know that’s not the right word but I can’t think of the word I need) to listen to Satellite radio in the home. Apparently, it received a lot of calls from AM and FM stations complaining of interference from Satellite Radio. So the technician said the way to get around this is to get a car cradle. You take the receiver out of the cradle it’s in and replace that cradle with a CAR CRADLE. Then hook up antenna and power then go to MENU, see FM Frequency and pick your FM (ours is 88.3) and it SHOULD work. I told the technician if it didn’t work, I’d call him without a phone!
    Does anyone know anything about this FCC ruling – specifically Greg or anyone else out there who has experience with this? It’s almost impossible to do a seemingly simple thing, namely to replace a burned out radio with a new one.

    1. Also, the antenna is the antenna…if you get an car power adapter and plug in a home dock in your car it work….

      I find XM’s tech support to be ‘weak’ on simple issues….hard issues are non-issues to them.

      Why would XM sell all of this stuff if that was the case….I am searching google now…

      1. Being technically challenged, I didn’t know the car cradle adapter would not fit into a home radio setup (common sense may have told me that but I have NO common sense). Also, we don’t have mp3 players or Ipods. Best advice from y9ou then, is to get a car power adapter and plug in a home dock in my car.
        My problem with XM tech support is they all have accents. I have no problems with accents per se – I don’t care if you come from Jupiter. However, when I am ill and I need a doctor or I have radio trouble and I need a technician, a person with an accent only adds to my stress because I cannot understand the person and that makes me crazy(er). Anyway, I’ll tell my Dad about your suggestion. He’s a lot more technically savvy than I’ll EVER be. I’m lucky I can turn the radio on and off and can change volume and stations. What I hate most of all – besides the ongoing irritation of dealing with these people – is BEING XM-SIRIUS-LESS. I’m on to my 2nd week of not being able to hear anything.

    2. The tech’s you talk to are out of this country and can only read what has been scripted. If your problem is not on that script then they are lost and will tell you anything to get rid of you. I have both sirius and xm radios. The sirius one is a sporster which I have had for 5 years. It fits into a boom box made for it. My xm is 2 years old and I use the car cradle for it. There is a AC power adapter that you can get ( from XM ) and it plugs into the cradle where the plug for the cig lighter goes. The only thing you need is a radio with an aux in spot. The car cradle has a aux out plug. You need to get the cable which can be gotten at any store that sells electronic equip. even Wal-Mart. I have no problem listening to either radio inside my house. Both antennas ( sirius & xm ) face south west and get excellent reception.Try this web site that sells both sirius & xm products; They will have everything I have just described to you. Hope this helps. Hate to hear of anyone missing radio classics.

      1. I felt so proud when I told Dad of the call I made and the information I got — until he said “the car adaptor and the home adaptor (or plugs) aren’t the same.” I didn’t know that and the tech didn’t ask me that. I nearly cried but I kept my cool. I’ll tell him what you said – he’ll understand that. Mind you, he was grateful for my efforts – he really was. He’s very hard of hearing and telephoning is very difficult for him. Add technicians with thick accents and you have a recipe for disaster! Dad was just annoyed at the BS we’re getting. The XM page also said we can have someone from the Geek Squad install our radio for us. I just may resort to that. Dad’s paying $12.95 a month – it’s an awful waste of money to have it and not be able to hear it. Thanks for your help, Tom from tamp. I’m Rosemary from New Jersey though I go by MISSGBMOO. (The picture is NOT of me but of my beloved Greyhound, Daisy Mae-Rose).

  6. I got the schedule for next week’s shows today. Wow Greg, you are speedy this week.

    1. I got it, too, but I’m still XM-Less. (Between you, me and the rest of the gang, I think XM is beyond my father’s capabilities. Oh, I know he’ll fix it but he’ll do a lot of cussing and being frustrated before it gets fixed. But I blame XM for that – my dad is very technical and mechanical savvy – he can fix anything. But this thing is so complicated you need a Ph.D. in Engineering to figure it out).

      More later. I feel like I’m cheating if I print out the schedule but don’t listen to it. But it’s through NO fault of my own, believe me. I appreciate Greg having the new sked up so early. 🙂 🙂

    1. I am going to start reading the Silver Bear by Derek Haas. My wife picked it up at the library.

      No audio book for me this time…sorry Greg….If I like the book I’ll pick up the audio book for the second one…..

  7. Hello all my Lovlies,

    Thanks so much for all the great help with The Mysterious Traveller.

    MissGBMoo: I hope you weren’t without your XM for too long! That would be MY definition of hell; lots of flames and no XM, plus maybe just a little zither music ;o)

    Turner Classic Movies played Citizen Kane last night, among others. What a classic, I never get tired of that movie.

    And I think I like The Black Museum as much as I like my sci-fi OTR shows! The weather was horrible here for three days — wind, rain, and even snow, so it was great to curl up in the storm and listen to that wonderful voice of Orson’s this week. Timing couldn’t have been better, Greg. Now, can you tell me how you arranged for the weather?! 🙂

    1. Well, Darlin’ – I’m still without XM. The new receiver came in but they make it so complicated — Dad’s made a concerted effort to fix it and now he’s bound and determined. It worked if my radio has AUX but the only radio with that is the one in the office. The point is to be able to listen to the radio anywhere in the house. So I’m XM-less and I’m DESPERATE! 🙁

  8. In this week’s Frank Race episode there is a bad guy with a big ring who Race fights several times…The voice sounds like Poncho from the Cisco Kid..

    Is it?

  9. Love to see you play Golf, Greg. I love the game. Enjoy youself Greg. Plenty of time to write a book.

    Happy Mothers day everyone.

  10. Nice picture. I will download the clip of your audio books shortly.

    I guess you gave up sleeping with all the work you have…

    1. And now some of my listeners including a certain logistics/supply chain/industrial & systems engineer from Northeastern Ohio are asking me to sleep even less so I can write a book! 🙂


      1. I offered to free up some time for you… is all in the logistics….

      2. Looks like I started something by asking Greg to write a book. Mostly, I’m glad other people agree. Just think, Greg, you could be rich and famous!
        HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY TO ALL THE MOTHERS OUT THERE, LIVING AND NOT. Thanks, Greg, for remembering our Moms.

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