Sept. 9th to Sept. 15th 2012 RadioClassics Show Schedule

If you haven’t grabbed it yet, the new weekly schedule can be found by clicking to see Full Story & Pictures and then the following link; ShowSchedules

More details on the Old-Time Radio Cruise planned for June 22nd-27th 2013 (from NYC to Bermuda) as we have shared some of the planned activities. You can see that by clicking HERE  I understand sea cruises are not for everyone, but if you have always been looking to try one, join me and lots of other fans of these classic shows next

The top highlight this week is our – not one but two – Peggy Webber 87th birthday specials. The very busy radio radio actress also heads up the California Artist Radio Theater (CART) which airs Monday and Friday evenings on Sirius XM Book Radio (Channel 80)

She will be featured in an annual tradition as she joins John Dehner in the 1950 hour-long Escape version of “Earth Abides” and also will be heard on episodes of The Whistler (new to the channel); Broadway Is My Beat and Dragnet. I also have brought back some of my various visits with Peggy conducted over the past few years.

Also this week birthday tributes for Edmond O’Brien (Suspense, Family Theater and as Johnny Dollar); the author O. Henry (The Cisco Kid); Penny Singleton (Blondie); Claudette Colbert (with Cary Grant in Lux’s version of The Awful Truth); Tom Conway (Sherlock Holmes) and writer Walter B. Gibson (The Shadow, Nick Carter, Blackstone).

Among the new to the channel offerings will be episodes from The Jack Benny Program; The Whistler; Suspense; Let George Do It; The Saint; The Life Of Riley; Bright Star; Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar and more.



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  1. Comment from Greg on Facebook suggesting to another listener having the same problem to “refresh” radio. Anyone know how to do this? Most annoying to have choppy audio.

  2. Hi Bill. I know what you mean. Thought Lana and I were the only bloggers left. Shades of Earth Abides? I have been experiencing great chunks of dead air on my sirius unit, not so with the XM. Is it due to reduced bandwidth for football? Does anyone know?

  3. Greetings all, it’s Great to have Earth Abides on this week. Always love hearing it while driving around New York City. It seems lately that I am bloging with myself. COME ON PEOPLE, Let’s hear from you. LOL

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