June 8th to June 14th, 2014 RadioClassics Schedules and Highlights

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Centennial Celebration Time for Gerald Mohr!! Now last year at this time, we were marking the 100th for one of the greatest voices on RadioClassics;  Your Truly, Johnny Dollar star Bob Bailey and this year we celebrate another tremendous voice. Not only do we feature Mohr as Philip Marlowe, but he also is heard in multiple episodes of The Whistler and plays The Commissioner in the Escape classic production of “Leinengen Vs The Ants”.

Of course, even though it now been 101 years since his birth, we also honor Bailey this week. He plays Dollar in the five-part marathon, “The Silver Blue Matter” and in multiple half-hour versions from that popular series. We also have him in a new to the channel this week offering of Let George Do It.

In this year’s Judy Garland birthday tribute a special treat not only will we play Lux Radio Theater’s version of  “Meet Me in St. Louis” but her big screen little sister Margaret O’Brien talks about that film and her talented co-star. Those interview segments with the now 77 year old former child star were recorded at the Turner Classic Movies Film Festival held in Hollywood back in April.

We have additional birthday tributes for Basil Rathbone (Sherlock Holmes, Lux’s “Phantom Of The Opera”), Joe Julian (X-Minus One, The Mysterious Traveler, The Molle Mystery Theater), Bob Cummings (Lux’s “Bachelor Mother” with Lucille Ball), Larry Keating (This Is Your FBI), Ernest Chappell (Quiet Please), Harlan Stone (Jughead on Archie Andrews) and more…


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3 thoughts on “June 8th to June 14th, 2014 RadioClassics Schedules and Highlights

  1. Gerald Mohr was also the narrator on the Long Ranger television series (at least the early years) with Clayton Moore.

    1. I heard it from the Lone Ranger TV shows. YouTube had them for a while. I even have a VHS of the Lone Ranger back when Columbia House sold them. I was surprised how often he showed up in all kinds of roles. I actually have not gone far enough into my recordings for one of the birthday blocks yet to hear what you said about him.

      I do think his accents for German roles is kind of hokey but I guess you exaggerate for emphasis. I think that is what he was doing on a Man Called X dealing with the underground.

  2. Looks like another great week for listening to CLASSICS.
    LAST WEEK– Wanted to mention that I enjoyed the Vincent Price shows and his children’s interview and insight. The man sure was in our lives growing up, wasn’t he ? I had never watched the complete movie of Edward Sissorshands, but after hearing the comments about Mr. Price being in it, watched the movie just to see him. Glad I did. And I sure like your method of celebrating the birthdays with a block or 2 of their shows. Some good stuff–on all.

    Keep the CLASSICS coming……I am here listenin’ in the Arizona Desert AS ALWAYS.

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