June 22nd to June 28th, 2014 RadioClassics Shows Schedules and Highlights

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Wonga, Wonga Wonga!  Yes indeed folks this week we mark the birthday of Wonga Philip Harris, the scene-stealing de facto bandleader on The Jack Benny Program, the voice of Baloo The Bear in Disney’s The Jungle Book, the singer of the novelty tunes-That’s What I Like About The South and The Thing (you know the one about finding a mysterious box on the beach and never learning what is in it) and last but certainly not least the co-star of the popular radio sitcom The Phil Harris & Alice Faye Show.

We honor Harris with two new to the channel offerings from Harris & Faye plus the return of his work in the dramatic production, Suspense’s “Death On My Hands.”

Additional birthday week tributes for Peter Lorre (Mystery In The Air, Suspense), Paul Frees (The Green Lama, Escape, The Black Book), Jack Moyles (Rocky Jordan), John McIntire, Peter Lind Hayes (The Family Theater), and a couple of announcers Dan Seymour (Molle Mystery Theater, The Aldrich Family) and Norman Rose (Dimension X).

A few other specials worth mentioning: The 7oth anniversary of the debut of Boston Blackie; Ford Theater’s hour long version of “A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur’s Court” and a rare 6 part Yours Truly Johnny Dollar Marathon – “The Cranesburg Matter”


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