Mar 2nd to Mar 8th Shows and Highlights

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One fun highlight this week is celebrating the 80th Anniversary of the debut of a recurring sound effect. We’ll play a fun episode of Fibber McGee & Molly featuring their famed cluttered hall closet.

We are presenting birthday blocks for movie leading man John Garfield (Screen Director’s Playhouse version of “Body and Soul”, Suspense); Desi Arnaz (the radio audition of I Love Lucy, Suspense’s “The Red-Headed Woman” and The Bob Hope Show all co-starring his wife Lucille Ball); Lou Costello; Virginia Gregg (Family Theatre, The Whistler, Richard Diamond); Lee Allman (Lenore Case on The Green Hornet); Child performer Bobby Driscoll (Lux’s “Treasure Island”); and movie actress Claire Trevor (Lux’s “Key Largo”, Big Town plus two from Suspense).

We also have a centennial celebration for Virginia Christine (Gunsmoke); and birthday blocks for Minerva Pious (Mrs. Nussbaum on The Fred Allen Show); Oscar and Tony Award Winner Rex Harrison (Academy Award Theatre, Duffy’s Tavern, Sports Newsreel); Cliff Carpenter (Ford TheatreX-Minus One); Will Geer (Grandpa Walton on Television heard in episodes of The Columbia Workshop and Gangbusters) and character actor Edgar Barrier (Escape, Lights Out).

And one more thing; remember most of the U.S. observes Daylight Saving Time and the Spring Forward occurs in the wee hours on Sunday March 8th. So one less hour of RadioClassics as we’ll jump from 2am ET to 3am ET.


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