Mar 16th to Mar 22nd Shows and Highlights

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Hope you all enjoyed Listener Appreciation Week! Special thanks to all of you who called in helped out hosting in my absence during my vacation in The Scottish Highlands.

In this week of which contains St. Patrick’s Day (Tuesday March 17th), we celebrate the holiday a couple of different ways. We have the traditional two-hour comedy block with themed episodes from Jack Benny, Fred Allen and George & Gracie plus we bring back a Going Green block, a fun little suggestion first offered up a number of years ago by longtime channel fan Andrew in Pittsburgh. This year’s special will feature episodes from The Green Lama, The Green Hornet, plus Suspense’s The Green Idol.

In the birthday tributes we honor the following: Jerry Lewis (The Martin & Lewis Show);  Georgia Ellis (Miss Kitty on Gunsmoke); Mercedes McCambridge (Defense Attorney, Lights Out); Mandel Kramer (Yours Truly Johnny Dollar, X-Minus One); Karl Weber (Dr. Sixgun); Edward Pawley (Big Town) and announcer Harlow Wilcox (Fibber McGee & Molly, Suspense).

Also Ozzie Nelson (Adventures Of Ozzie & Harriet, Suspense); Edward Everett Horton (Screen Guild Theater’s “Tailored By Toni”); Lawson Zerbe (Words At War, X-Minus One, Suspense); Kermit Murdock (The Chase); Wendell Corey (Inner Sanctum Mysteries); Sir Michael Redgrave (Studio One); Ross Martin (Artemis Gordon on Wild, Wild West portraying George Gershwin in an episode of An American Gallery); announcer Art Gilmore (Adventures of Frank Race, Dr. Christian) and musical director Rex Koury (Gunsmoke, The Thin Man, Defense Attorney).

Okay it may still be snowing in parts of North America, but we are still gonna celebrate the first week of Spring with the following two-hour block: Gunsmoke’s “Spring Term”, Mr. District Attorney’s “Spring Fever”, Harris & Faye’s “Spring Is In The Air” and The Great Gildersleeve’s “First Day Of Spring”.


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