Jan 25th to Jan 31st Shows and Highlights

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On to the weekly highlights:

We mark the 85th anniversary of the radio debut of The Green Hornet with three episodes starring Al Hodge, Robert Hall and then Jack McCarthy.

We also mark the 65th anniversary of the debut of The CBS Radio Workshop by playing four of the most requested episodes; “The Ballad Of The Iron Horse”, “The Long Way Home”, “Silent Witness”, and “Exurbanites”.

We have a birthday specials for Tallulah Bankhead (Screen Director’s Playhouse version of Alfred Hitchcock’s “Lifeboat”, Fred Allen Show). W.C. Fields (Guest on Charlie McCarthy Show, Request Performance); John Forsythe (as Henry David Thoreau in An America Gallery); Victor Mature (Suspense, Escape).

Plus we celebrate the birthdays of Howard McNear (Gunsmoke, The Whistler, The Lineup, Johnny Dollar); Wyllis Cooper (creator of Lights Out and Quiet Please); Eddie Cantor; Portland Hoffa (Fred Allen’s wife and co-star);  Arnold Moss (The Weird Circle, Inner Sanctum, Gangbusters) and Monte Masters (creator of Candy Matson).


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