Feb 8th to Feb 14th Shows and Highlights

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On to the weekly highlights:

Happy Valentine’s Day, or as we like to say it on RadioClassics, Happy Birthday, Jack!

This year, for Jack Benny’s birthday, we have two different specials. The first features a two-hour block with four episodes from his long running comedy series, The Jack Benny Program. Whereas the second special finds Benny working with Gail Patrick in Lux Radio Theatre’s “Killer Kates” and stealing the show from Claudette Colbert and Basil Rathbone in a very creative episode of The Screen Guild Theatre.

And it’s not all about Jack – we also have a birthday celebrations for the following folks: Joseph Kearns (The Whistler, Suspense, Broadway’s My Beat); James Monks (The Avenger); composer Jerry Goldsmith (Frontier Gentleman, Suspense); Lana Turner (Suspense, Bergen & McCarthy); Ronald Colman (Lux Radio Theatre, Suspense, The Halls Of Ivy); Chester Lauck (Lum & Abner); Jimmy Durante; Alan Hale Sr. (Suspense): Jules Verne (Mercury Theatre On The Air, Family Theatre); and Charles Ruggles (Suspense, Bergen & McCarthy).

We offer up our annual tribute to the 16th US President with Abraham Lincoln themed episodes of Crime Classics, American Portraits, Suspense and The Academy Award Theater’s version of the 1939 motion picture “Young Mr. Lincoln” starring Henry Fonda.

We also mark radio series debut anniversaries; Superman’s 81st, Family Theatre’s 74th and Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar’s 72nd.

In addition to some Valentine’s Day comedy, we also once again celebrate George Valentine’s Day with three Let George Do It episodes starring Bob Bailey as a private detective named, yes, Valentine.


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