Apr 5th to Apr 11th Shows and Highlights

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This week we celebrate a number of series debuts including the 78th Anniversary of both The Adventures Of The Falcon and The Adventures Of Nero Wolfe. We mark Dimension X’s 71st anniversary and also pay tribute to This Is Your FBI (76th) and My Friend Irma (74th).

As to the birthday tributes we will honor: Bette Davis (Lux Radio Theatre’s Now, Voyager; The Cavalcade Of America); Gregory Peck (Suspense, Burns & Allen Show); Spencer Tracy (Lux Radio Theatre’s “Arrowsmith”) and Walter Huston (Lux Radio Theatre’s “The Treasure Of The Sierra Madre”).

Birthday blocks for the following as well: M*A*S*H and Dragnet TV actor Harry Morgan (Mystery In The Air, This Is Your FBI); Paul McGrath (The Inner Sanctum Mysteries, Suspense); Frankie Thomas Jr (Tom Corbett, Space Cadet); Sylvia Picker (Suzy on Box 13) and gossip columnist and radio commentator, Walter Winchell.

We have a Man Of Steel Marathon featuring all six parts of an Adventures Of Superman Storyline from the summer of 1940.

Absent in April 2020 due to an understandable cancellation, The Masters Golf Tournament returns to it’s usual week, so we celebrate that with a golf themed comedy block featuring The Jack Benny Program, Phil Harris & Alice Faye, The Red Skelton Show and The Bob Hope Show (with special guest Masters co-founder, Bobby Jones).


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