Jul 5th to Jul 11th Shows and Highlights

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Lots of significant series anniversaries and some birthdays this week. But first, I want to remind all of you that this year’s Christmas In July Week (The 19th Annual!) will air Monday July 19th – Sunday July 25th.

As to this week, we celebrate the series debut anniversaries of the following: Mercury Theatre On The Air’s 83rd; The Man Called X’s 77th; Jeff Regan Investigator’s 73rd (with three different actors as Regan – Jack Webb, Frank Graham, Paul Dubov); Dangerous Assignment’s 72nd; Tales Of The Texas Ranger’s 71st; Judy Canova Show‘s 78th; Philo Vance’s 76th; Casey Crime Photographer‘s 78th; Escape’s 74th and The Line-Up’s 71st.

We also have a few birthday tributes: motion picture character actor Thomas Mitchell (Suspense); radio and cartoon voice performer Bill Thompson (Old Timer and Wallace Wimple on Fibber McGee & Molly); film and radio actor Glenn Langan (Mystery Is My Hobby); science fiction author Robert Heinlein (His story “The Roads Must Roll” on X Minus One); Marie McDonald (guest on Colgate Sports Newsreel) and opera singer Dorothy Kirsten (guest on Bergen & McCarthy Show).


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