Nov 15th to Nov 21st Shows and Highlights

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On to the weekly highlights:

Our birthday blocks this week are headed up by my past interview with comedy actor Alan Young. Before he starred as Wilber Post on the talking horse 1960s sitcom, Mister Ed and prior to spending decades as the Scottish accented Scrooge McDuck for Disney Studios, Young was a radio star. To mark his birthday we’ll present a couple from his 1940s comedy variety show plus bring by my visit with him conducted back in 2011.

Among the other birthday celebrants: movie actress Gene Tierney (Guest on Duffy’s Tavern, Command Performance); Jim Jordan (Fibber McGee & Molly); Eleanor Audley (The Whistler, The Six Shooter); Judy Canova (Judy Canova Show) writer Don Quinn (Fibber McGee & Molly, The Halls Of Ivy); cartoon voice legend Daws Butler (The Stan Freberg Show, CBS Radio Workshop) and George Petrie (Philo Vance Detective, Suspense).


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