Nov 29th to Dec 5th Shows and Highlights

If you haven’t grabbed it yet, the schedule is ready just click this link; ShowSchedules

On to the weekly highlights:

Wrapping up November and rolling into December. Before you know it we will be into 2022! How about that?!

On to the highlights:

We also celebrate the birthdays of the following folks among others: Producer/Director William Spier (Suspense, Sam Spade); writer Cornell Woolrich (Suspense); Ezra Stone (The Aldrich Family); Richard Crenna (Our Miss Brooks, Great Gildersleeve, A Date With Judy); Whitfield Connor (Inheritance, Suspense); Warren William (Strange Wills, Suspense); Nero Wolfe creator, Rex Stout; mystery writer John Dickson Carr (Murder By Experts, Suspense); and Samuel Clemens aka Mark Twain’s (CBS Radio Workshop’s “Roughin’ It” and The Ford Theater’s “A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur’s Court”).

Plus we mark some series anniversaries of The Mysterious Traveler (78th); and The Colgate Sports Newsreel with Bill Stern (84th).

Fans of Christmas Shows will note that When Radio Was (An AM-FM syndicated show which also plays on SiriusXM 148) has begun their all December mostly holiday programs. More and more will also show up in the regular rotation leading to the All Christmas Week beginning this year on Monday December 20th.


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