Dec 13 to Dec 19th Shows and Highlights

If you haven’t grabbed it yet, the schedule is ready just click this link; ShowSchedules

This year’s 7 days of all Christmas show begins on Monday December 20th, but as we get closer expect more and more holiday offerings sprinkled throughout the regular rotation.

Our birthday blocks included specials for folk born this week as well as some bumped to this week due all the upcoming holiday shows.

We celebrate Humphrey Bogart (Bold Venture,Suspense, Bob Hope Show, Bergen & McCarthy); Irene Dunne (alongside Cary Grant in Lux’s Theodora Goes Wild, Screen Director’s Playhouse, guest on Charlie McCarthy Show); Van Heflin (Philip Marlowe, Suspense); Sydney Greenstreet (Nero Wolfe); Marlene Dietrich (Suspense, Duffy’s Tavern); Richard Widmark (Molle Mystery Theatre, Suspense, Inner Sanctum Mysteries); Dan Dailey (Suspense), Betty Grable (Suspense), Katina Paxinou (Suspense), Mark Stevens (Suspense) and Abe Burrows.

Also tributes for Cathy Lewis (My Friend Irma, Broadway Is My Beat, Suspense); Jeff Chandler (Michael Shayne, Frontier Town, Our Miss Brooks); Lew Ayres (Dr. Kildare); Jay Jostyn (Mr. District Attorney); House Jameson (The Aldrich Family); Lillian Randolph (Birdie on The Great Gildersleeve); writer Morton Fine (Crime Classics, Broadway Is My Beat, Escape, Suspense) and announcer Dick Joy (Sam Spade, Dr. Kildare).

As I said, there is also some Christmas programming including radio versions of “A Miracle On 34th Street”, “A Christmas Carol” and plenty of Christmas comedy from The Jack Benny Program, Father Knows Best, My Favorite Husband, Bing Crosby Show, Burns & Allen and more.

As to the regular programming, here are some of the highlights: the weekly five part Yours Truly Johnny Dollar Marathon; a western themed episode of the 1980 revival series The Mutual Radio Theater known as “Fence Cutting” as well as Lux Radio Theatre’s version of “The Count Of Monte Cristo”


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