Jan 17th to Jan 23rd Shows and Highlights

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Quite a diverse group of specials this time around beginning with a Bittersweet Birthday for the tremendous Betty White (Jan 17th, 1922 – Dec 31st, 2021) who nearly made it to 100! She is heard co-starring alongside Jim and Marian Jordan as Fibber McGee and Molly in a creative episode of The Family Theatre.

It’s also our 20th annual Poe Man’s Radio Special as we celebrate the birthday of legendary 19th century poet and short story writer, Edgar Allan Poe. This year we’ll have radio productions of his following works among others: The Tell-Tale Heart, Murders In The Rue Morgue, The Purloined Letter, The Black Cat, Mystery Of Marie Roget and The Gold Bug.

This week we offer up double birthday tributes for two superstars: George Burns (Burns & Allen Show, Jack Benny Program) as well as Cary Grant (heard in radio versions of Mr. Lucky, Only Angels Have Wings, Shadow Of A Doubt, plus his appearances on Suspense’s On A Country Road and Black Path Of Fear).

We also celebrate the birthdays of Leonard “Bones” McCoy in the original Star Trek television series, Kelley will be heard in the 1957 Suspense production “Fleshpeddler”: plus movie stars Danny Kaye (Danny Kaye Show, Jack Benny Program, Suspense); Randolph Scott (Academy Award Theatre); Ann Sothern (Screen Guild Theatre, Suspense); and Dan Duryea (Man From Homicide, Suspense).

As well as birthday shoutouts for J. Carrol Naish (Life With Luigi, Suspense); Herb Ellis (Nero Wolfe, Dragnet, Tales Of The Texas Rangers); Tudor Owen (Jocko on Pat Novak For Hire); and Florence Halop (Miss Duffy on Duffy’s Tavern).

We also are marking the 76th anniversary of the radio debut of The Fat Man and the 66th anniversary of the launch of Fort Laramie.


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