Jan 24th to Jan 30th Shows and Highlights

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It’s the final week of the first month of 2022 and here’s what we have scheduled:

We mark the 66th anniversary of the debut of The CBS Radio Workshop by playing four of the most requested episodes; “The Ballad Of The Iron Horse”, “The Long Way Home”, “Silent Witness”, and “Exurbanites”.

We have a birthday specials for W.C. Fields (Guest on Charlie McCarthy Show, Request Performance); John Forsythe (as Henry David Thoreau in An America Gallery); and Victor Mature (Suspense, Escape).

Plus we celebrate the birthdays of Howard McNear (Gunsmoke, The Whistler, The Lineup, Johnny Dollar); Wyllis Cooper (creator of Lights Out and Quiet Please); Portland Hoffa (Fred Allen’s wife and co-star);  Arnold Moss (The Weird Circle, Inner Sanctum, Gangbusters) and Monte Masters (creator of Candy Matson).