May 30th to June 5th Shows and Highlights

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Among this year’s Memorial Day specials you’ll hear the following:

Norman Corwin’s On A Note of Triumph V-E Day Celebration which once again includes my past visits with both Corwin and radio actor and WWII vet, Cliff Carpenter as well as war themed episodes of America At War; Suspense, The CBS Radio Workshop, Cavalcade Of America plus Lux Radio Theater’s adaptations of the following WWII era motion pictures “Wake Island”, “Salute To The Marines” and “The Navy Comes Through”.

Topping the birthday list this week, some major movie stars: Oscar nominee Paulette Goddard (Guest on The Bob Hope Show as well as Command Performance and starring in The Screen Guild Player’s version of the film “Ball Of Fire”); Marilyn Monroe (Guest on Bergen & McCarthy) Tony Curtis (Guest on Jack Benny Program) and Rosalind Russell (Screen Director’s “Take A Letter Darling” & Academy Award Theatre’s “My Sister Eileen”).

Additional birthday tributes for the following folks among others;

Fred Allen (Fred Allen Show, Family Theatre, Screen Director’s Playhouse); Mel Blanc (Family Theatre, Jack Benny Program); Don Ameche (Chase & Sanborn Hour, The Bickersons); William Boyd (Hopalong Cassidy); Norris Goff (Lum and Abner); Walter Tetley (Family Theatre, Leroy on The Great Gildersleeve, Julius on The Phil Harris & Alice Faye Show); and Vinton Hayworth (The Chase, It’s Higgins Sir);

We mark the anniversary of the radio debut of Dragnet with a couple special blocks and also mark the series debut of The Casebook Of Gregory Hood (76th), The Jack Carson Show (79th); and The Adventures Of Archie Andrews (79th).


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