July 18th – July 24th Shows and Highlights

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First of all hope you enjoyed The 20th Annual Christmas In July Week. Some of the birthday and anniversaries blocks in this upcoming week are belated as they were bumped due to last week’s special programming.

We have birthday specials for movie stars including Barbara Stanwyck; James Cagney; Natalie Wood; Ginger Rogers and Sonny Tufts.

We also celebrate radio and TV stars Red Skelton, Milton Berle, Harriet Nelson (Ozzie & Harriet); William Woodson (Narrator on This Is Your FBI); Himan Brown (Creator of Inner Sanctum Mysteries, Bulldog Drummond); and Philips H. Lord (Creator of Gangbusters).

As well as Rhoda Williams (Betty on Father Knows Best); Karl Swenson (Inner Sanctum Mysteries); Raymond Edward Johnson (Inner Sanctum Mysteries, Crime Club, Arch Oboler’s Plays); Jackson Beck (Philo Vance); Eve McVeagh (Crime Classics) and author Ernest Hemingway (Lux Radio Theatre’s adaptation of For Whom The Bell Tolls).

We also have some series anniversary tributes, some of these are also belated due to Christmas In July.

Gangbusters (87th); Columbia Workshop (86th); Sam Spade (76th); Our Miss Brooks (74th); My Favorite Husband (74th); and Stan Freberg Show (65th).


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