Sep 5th to Sep 11th Shows and Highlights

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We have our annual Labor Day Special featuring An American Gallery’s biography of famed labor leader Samuel Gompers as portrayed by Lawrence Dobkin. And this year it will be followed by a Life Of Riley episode starring William Bendix as lovable laborer, blue collar aircraft factory worker Chester A. Riley.

We also celebrate the following radio debut anniversaries: Jimmy Durante’s 89th, Milton Berle’s 86th, Mayor Of The Town’s 80th; Molle Mystery Theatre’s 79th and The Bickerson’s 76th, plus we bring back our annual Back To School Special which offers up four episodes of Our Miss Brooks starring Eve Arden as Madison High School English teacher, Connie Brooks.

Heading up our birthday tributes:

Edmond O’Brien (Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar, Suspense); Anne Seymour (Inner Sanctum Mysteries); Otto Kruger (Lux Radio Theatre); Kenny Delmar (Fred Allen Show, Alan Young Show); and Peter Lawford (Suspense’s The Moonstone & The Terribly Strange Bed).

Plus we have a birthday tribute for author, O. Henry (The Cisco Kid).

Finally, a unique special celebrating the 56th anniversary of the launch of a landmark television series. The original Star Trek debuted on September 8th, 1966 and we are marking that event with a two-hour special. It features scripts by three writers who wrote episodes of Star Trek: Theodore Sturgeon, Robert Bloch and show creator Gene Roddenberry. Plus we bring back a Suspense episode starring Dr. “Bones” McCoy actor DeForest Kelley.


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