Sep 19th to Sep 25th Shows and Highlights

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Hey folks! We are marking the 69th anniversary of the debut of the quality western radio series, The Six Shooter with an hour of episodes starring James Stewart as Britt Ponset. It is followed by Jimmy as the special guest on both The Jack Benny Program and The Bob Hope Show.

Topping the birthday blocks are a couple for Mickey Rooney. Beginning as child performer and spanning nearly 9 decades, he had one of the longest all-time show biz careers. We celebrate him by featuring his work in (Lux Radio Theatre’s “Strike Up The Band”, Screen Director’s “The Human Comedy”, Bob Hope Show, Suspense…).

Other birthday specials for the following folks among others: Martha Scott (Suspense, The Great Gildersleeve); Paul Muni (Academy Award Theatre, Suspense); Jack Mather (The Cisco Kid); Hanley Stafford (Baby Snooks & Daddy, Suspense); Alfred Shirley (Sherlock Holmes); Elvia Allman (Tootsie on Burns & Allen); and writer/ producer John Houseman (Mercury Theatre On The Air).

We also celebrate the birthdays the following authors: F. Scott Fitzgerald (Escape’s “Diamond As Big As The Ritz”); and H.G. Wells (Escape’s “The Time Machine” & Man Who Could Work Miracles” plus Author’s Playhouse’s “The Inexperienced Ghost”). We also bring back the only interview between H.G. Wells and Orson Welles.


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