Nov 14th to Nov 20th Shows and Highlights

If you haven’t grabbed it yet, the schedule is ready, just click this link; ShowSchedules

On to the weekly highlights:

We celebrate the birthdays of movie stars: Dick Powell (Richard Diamond, Rogue’s Gallery); Veronica Lake (Lux’s So Proudly We Hail); and Gene Tierney (Guest on Duffy’s Tavern, Command Performance).

We also mark the birthdays of Jim Jordan (Fibber McGee & Molly); Eleanor Audley (The Whistler, The Six Shooter); Judy Canova (Judy Canova Show); Alan Young (Alan Young Show, Hollywood Star Playhouse): writer Don Quinn (Fibber McGee & Molly, The Halls Of Ivy); cartoon voice legend Daws Butler (The Stan Freberg Show, CBS Radio Workshop) and George Petrie (Philo Vance Detective, Suspense).

Also a reminder, during this year’s Thanksgiving Week (Nov 21st – 27th) not only will there be lots of Turkey Day themed episodes, but all our annual Joe Friday – Black Friday all day Dragnet marathon.


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