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Nov 9th to Nov 15th Shows and Highlights

We have a couple two-hour specials to mark Veteran’s Day. One is the two-hour August 1945 Command Performance hosted by Bing Crosby and marking the end of WWII. The other features two tremendous war stories as produced for The Cavalcade Of America and The CBS Radio Workshop plus America At War from February 1942 as well as Norman Corwin’s End Of The War Special, Fourteen August (1945) hosted by Orson Welles.

Nov 2nd – Nov 8th Shows and Highlights

We have an Election Week comedy block featuring Election Day episodes from Phil Harris and Alice Faye, Jack Carson Show, Honest Harold, and Fibber McGee & Molly.

Our birthday tributes are led by the 106th birthday of “the still with us” radio, film and TV actor Norman Lloyd! He’ll be heard in Suspense’s “My Own Murderer”.

Oct 26th to Nov 1st Shows and Highlights

Halloween All Week Long!

This year not only are crammed with Halloween Horror, with a healthy bit of Halloween Humor sprinkled in, but also have some new to the channel episodes from the following programs among others: The Inner Sanctum Mysteries; Suspense (including the Dunwich Horror by H.P. Lovecraft); and The Witch’s Tale.