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Greg Bell is the Host of Radio Classics on Sirius & XM Channel 82 and the Host of When Radio Was, a syndicated old-time radio show on 200+ stations....more

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Welcome to My Web Site

Jack BennyAll the good stuff you know and love is always easily accessible using the links at the top of this page or in the left-hand column, including the Blog site (with all the pictures I know you enjoy), and the Show Schedules.

Don't forget, to get to all the great pictures from radio's Golden Age you simply need to click on any of the stories on the Blog site and they will pop up.

Upcoming Shows on Sirius XM Radio Classics Channel 82

July 27th to Aug 2nd Radio Classics

William Powell Leading this week will be a two-hour 84th anniversary special for The Shadow. This year I have four straight episodes of the character which debuted on radio on the evening of July 31st, 1930. The first features Orson Welles, the next two star Bill Johnstone and the final one has Bret Morrison.

Leading off the new to the channel offerings will be an hour of Jack Armstrong, The All-American Boy, a long running serialized juvenile adventure series.

We also are celebrating a couple centennial birthdays for Gunsmoke’s primary writer, John Meston as well as orchestra leader, Carmen Dragon (The Drene Time Variety Show, The Bickersons)

Additional birthday tributes for William Powell, Rudy Vallee, Keenan Wynn, Joe E. Brown, announcer Bill Goodwin, Barbra Fuller (still with us and 89), baseball manager Leo Durocher, writer Brett Halliday (Michael Shayne, Detective), Barbara Eiler (The Life Of Riley, Dennis Day Show) and both of the stars of Mr. & Mrs. North, Alice Frost and Joseph Curtin.

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July 20th to July 26th Radio Classics

Gracie Allen This week we have birthday tributes for the following folks among others; Natalie Wood (in a new to the channel Family Theater); Stacy Harris (This Is Your FBI, Suspense); Gracie Allen (Burns & Allen Show); Harold Peary (The Great Gildersleeve, Lux Radio Theater’s “The Show-off”); writer Blake Edwards (Richard Diamond Private Detective, The Lineup); author Aldous Huxley (“Brave New World” on CBS Radio Workshop); Raymond Chandler (Philip Marlowe); Jackson Beck (Philo Vance) and Himan Brown (Inner Sanctum Mysteries, Bulldog Drummond, Adventures Of The Thin Man).

Additional to the channel this week offerings from The Black Museum, Jack Carson Show, Lux Radio Theater, CBS Radio Workshop, Charlie McCarthy Show, The Columbia Workshop, Jack Armstrong: The All-American Boy; Night Beat and more.

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Interviews as First Heard on Sirius XM Radio Classics

As I've mentioned on the air, I frequently have the pleasure of visiting with various radio performers, celebrity fans, authors, etc., who are in some way involved with the Old-Time Radio business, or who are simply just huge fans of the genre.

Now you can listen to those interviews for free, here on my Web site.

Robb Weller Interview - 2010

Robb WellerThis first interview is with Robb Weller, TV producer and nephew of longtime radio and television announcer Art Gilmore, which I conducted in October of 2010, as heard on Sirius XM Radio Classics.


So What Else Have I Been Up To?

My First Audio Books

Recently, I had the distinct pleasure of narrating screenwriter Derek Haas' first two novels, which are taut and suspenseful thrillers about a wily assassin who struggles with his conscience and his past. They were enormous fun to read, even though recording an audio book is a lot harder than it looks (sounds?).

These are gritty, contemporary stories that contain adult content and language, so if you think you might be interested, you can listen to a sample and download them by clicking on the links below. 

"Screenwriter Haas's debut features a darkly compelling narrator. When a young hit man who refers to himself as Columbus learns his next job is to assassinate presidential candidate Abe Mann, Columbus is not taken aback so much by Mann's national prominence as he is by the key role Mann once played in Columbus's past. Soon Columbus realizes that those behind the plot appear to be setting somebody else up as well - himself." - Publisher's Weekly

Download "The Silver Bear" for only $7.49 at

"Like Jeff Lindsay’s Dexter, Columbus is a thoroughly likable villain. He operates on the wrong side of the law, with his own moral code and his own unique sense of compassion. It’s impossible not to like the guy, even though he explicitly and repeatedly tells us not to, just as it’s impossible not to like the novel itself." - David Pitt at Booklist.

Download "Columbus" for only $7.49 at


The Cast of "Unconditional," by Michael Gilvary
The cast of "Unconditional," by Michael Gilvary
From left
: Jeff Baker, Nancy Camp, Spencer Bush, Craig Sechler

New Audio Dramas

Independent of my work on Radio Classics and When Radio Was, I have been working with some folks who love radio dramas to produce some brand new audio shows, including the top Hollywood screenwriter Derek Haas ("Wanted," "3:10 to Yuma," etc.), whose Web site showcases some of the best short story writing coming out of Hollywood today. (Note: Some of the stories are adult themed, so use discretion as to what you wish to read.)

To listen to an exclusive sneak preview of our demo for what we hope will be the first in a series of cutting-edge, new audio shows, click here.

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